Fill out the form below or email jbrown [at] to have your event added to the calendar. Make sure to read the tips below to make sure you’ve submitted everything you need!


What events can be posted?

We want any event going on in Huntington that is open to the public. We do not however post events such as garage sales or things such as Pampered Chef, Thirty-One, or other parties such as that. We hope to post school-related events as well such as theater productions and home games. If your church is hosting a chili dinner to raise money for a mission trip or if your board is having a public meeting, let us know!

How can I get my event on there?

You have two options to do this, you can send an email to jbrown [at] and they will put your event up (this can be as simple as adding that email to your press release email list) or if you prefer to do it yourself, fill out the form below. To prevent spam and malicious content from getting on the calendar, your submitted event will have to be approved before it is uploaded to the calendar, so there will be a small delay.

What information do you need emailed?

The date, time, location of your event, if it’s for a certain age range that would be needed as well. Finally if you want to put a small description of your event, so if anyone clicks on it they can find out more information. Also, if there is a cost for your event, it would be helpful to put it on there as well.


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